Simple, Rustic & Seasonal

We are a market, cafe & wine bar nestled in the heart of downtown Wayzata on Lake Minnetonka. Our scratch kitchen offers freshly made prepared foods, made-to-order menu items as well as a wide variety of retail and grocery provisions prepared both in house and brought in from outside artisans.



We're taking reservations for dinner and large weekend brunch parties! We are also offering a full service dining experience in the evenings so get ready to settle in and enjoy!

Our Story

The inspiration behind The Grocer’s Table was the desire to offer my community a go-to neighborhood establishment that could meet their needs in a warm and approachable environment. The multi-faceted concept of a market, cafe and wine & cocktail bar offers the kind of energy and dynamic experience that my family and I have always embraced and the hope is that others would, likewise, welcome the concept. My goal is to provide my guests convenience without sacrificing craftsmanship, and to offer the ease of counter-service without compromising our sense of hospitality and customer service. In the evenings, we transition over to table service in order to provide a more high-touch approach and allow our guests to settle in and enjoy a multiple course meal alongside our unique wine, beer and cocktail offerings.

The menu itself is inspired by recipes I’ve developed for my own family - favorites over the years that I hoped to share with others. My approach to cooking has always been seasonal and rustic; nothing fancy. I believe that simple, quality ingredients seasoned well and with love is all one needs to create a beautiful meal.

Altogether, the idea is for guests to curate their own culinary experience at The Grocer’s Table and that everyone, from novices to cooks alike, can come together here in the simple celebration of good food and drink.

- Lindsay Pohlad, Owner
Lindsay Pohlad, Owner
Craig Johnson, Executive Chef